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E-Bike Repair Thailand
About Us

Keeping your EBikes on the road.

We've been repairing & maintaining E-Bikes in our community for 8+ years.
Every issue can be fixed, we offer solutions best for economy and long life for the customer to choose.

E-Bike Repair Thailand.

We have over 20 years R+D Experience in Electric Drive, our goals always with econonmy and efficiency.

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E-Bike Repair Thailand

Keeping your Batteries Alive.

Despite the multitude of designs and formats the 'base components' of any Brand e-Bikes battery are the same, Cells, BMS & Chargers.
We charge a small fee to Assess your battery packs and create several options for repair.
Good news if your E-Bike is discontinued or unique model.

E-Bike Repair Thailand.

We rebuild batteries using High Drain Cells from a tried-and-tested reliable supplier.

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E-Bike Repair Thailand

Keeping your Motors Running.

Again a multitude of designs and formats the 'base components' of any Brand e-Bikes motors are also the same, Hall Sensors, Phase Wiring and Controllers.
Motor diagnostics can be done typically by a physical inspection, we also have diagnostic tools to confirm or diagnose any issues.
Generally an E-Bike motor can be repaired.

E-Bike Repair Thailand.

If your motor is Grinding, whining, ceased up or Jerky, send it to us before it starts smoking(then it might be too late)!

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