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ForLife - EBike
About Us

Designed using the flaws of others!

We've been repairing & maintaining E-Bikes in our community for 8+ years, seeing first hand the lengths manufacturers go to to ensure a repair can only be done with their 'unique' parts.
We want to ensure a self repair is possible for the most part.

E-Bike Repair Thailand.

By utilising primarily traditional bicycle parts and an OEM frame this ensures you can get parts at your local bike shops, a universal battery pack and mount allow swapability and a non-connected controller allows the non tekkies amongst us to enjoy the ForLife E-Bike.

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Research & Development.

Learn how we've come to this point.

The Research.

We've been involved with electric drive for 20 years with our goal of gaining better efficiency and range rather than crazy speed and power...

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... Our recent efforts have been more on 'Personal Transport' such as e-bikes as we feel it is becoming an inevitable part of our daily lives.
With our current main business being repairing e-bikes in our community and with a Thailand-wide customer base it's clear that a viable option of an E-Bike that's easy to 'self-repair' is our new goal.

ForLife - EBike.

The Battery.

The battery is vitally important but cheap poorly built and fraudulent advertising is overwhelming the consumer, so many times we've...

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... been asked to look at a faulty battery which is not 'as advertised'.
At E-Bike Repair Thailand we have been assembling battery packs in-house with what we consider the most reliable capacity-for-price Lithium-ion Cells, the assembly in-house ensures the buyer is getting the freshest cells and equipment possible.

ForLife - EBike.

Existing Components.

From an eco point of view using something that is already being manufactured is a BIG PLUS!
With standard bicycle running ...

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... gear and an established/proven frame being used, owners of the ForLife - EBike can simply repair or service the bike themselves or utilize a local bike shop.

Our current battery pack assembly is another example of this action.

ForLife - EBike.

Investment Progress

Consider joining us today.


A Donation towards our goal would be graciously received, our financial goal is to get 30 units produced, from there self sufficiency should start.
But please do consider becoming an Investor or buying a pre-launch.

฿0,000 Raised

Become an Investor

We are seeking investment to cover the initial build of 30 units.
Your investment will be converted to a % figure which will be used in calculations for annual dividend payments or reinvestment
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฿750,000 Goal

฿0,000 Raised

Prelaunch purchase
(Locked in) Pre-sales

49,999 thb/each unit.
This is for the pre-sale purchase we're locking this price for the first 100 units.
If less at launch day we'll credit the difference against shipping costs.
RRP 59,999thb.

100 Pre-sale limit.

004 Sold

ForLife Highlights

Let's recap a few key-points.

Existing Manufacturing.

Eco-manufacturing, using parts that are already in production & proven, which will be delivered within existing infrastructures.

Battery Assembly.

Assembley undertaken in-house using the latest Lithium-ion cells & bms protection from 'Trusted Suppliers'.

Right to repair.

A legal right for owners to freely modify and repair products such as automobiles, electronics, and e-bikes etc.

Replace Parts Locally.

Common bicycle running gear is fitted allowing for conveniant repair or modification either yourself or at local shop.

Questions & Answers

Quick-fire answers to 9 common questions.