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ForLife - EBike
About Us

Designed using the flaws of others!

Easily maintained! Easily Repaired! Easily Upgraded! A classic design that turns heads! Make it fit your life style!

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By utilising primarily traditional bicycle parts and an OEM frame this ensures you can get parts at your local bike shops, a universal battery pack and mount allow swapability and a non-connected controller allows the non tekkies amongst us to enjoy the ForLife E-Bike.

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PreLaunch ForLife-Ebike Details.

The Motor.

The motor is a 48v 500w with appropriate lcd screen, with just one cable to make the connection, we'll be fully trained on the motor...

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... which will help us/you to diagnose any issues should they arise, we carry a stock of parts to ensure swift response when you need to get your bike back on the road.

ForLife - EBike.

The Battery.

The Prelaunch battery will be 48v 12ah Lithium-ion cells (with 20A max output possibility) to ensure long consistent lifespan...

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... Don't worry, if you want to increase capacity (ah's) you can get your existing pack upgraded or simply add another pack.

ForLife - EBike.

After sales services.

In development is a web portal for ForLife-EBike owners, you'll be able to log in to register ownership/repairs, seek error codes, ...

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...purchase parts and seek insider advise for maintenance and upgrades.

ForLife - EBike.

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(only 100 units available at this price)
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49,999 thb/each unit.
This is for the prelaunch purchase we're locking the price for the first 100 units.
If less at launch day we'll credit the difference against shipping costs.
RRP 59,999thb.

100 Pre-sale limit.

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ForLife Highlights

Let's recap a few key-points.

Existing Manufacturing.

Eco-manufacturing, using parts that are already in production & proven, which will be delivered within existing infrastructures.

Battery Assembly.

Assembley undertaken in-house using the latest Lithium-ion cells & bms protection from 'Trusted Suppliers'.

Right to repair.

A legal right for owners to freely modify and repair products such as automobiles, electronics, and e-bikes etc.

Replace Parts Locally.

Common bicycle running gear is fitted allowing for conveniant repair or modification either yourself or at local shop.